Websites For Success

We build web solutions for freelancers, sole proprietorships, small companies, mid-size companies, old companies and new companies. Check out our portfolio of some of the websites and blogs we've built and browse some of the options available to you.

Websites need homes and 21st Century Web offers a number of options for site hosting that include shared servers, virtual private servers, or servers dedicated specifically to your account. We match your traffic and bandwidth requirements to the type of server that serves you best.

Have your own hosting? We can build your site and upload it for you, or give you the package and you can do it yourself. It all depends on what you need."

Website management can be a headache with making backups, site security, monitoring traffic and disk space, and keeping the site software up to date. Our management packages ensure your site goes up and stays up, and if disaster ever strikes, we're ready to get you online again as fast as possible.

It's easy to register a domain, but setting it up correctly is often confusing. We can help out by managing your domain settings, or handle everything from registering a domain to setting it up.

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Our Way

One thing you won't find at 21st Century Web is a one-size-fits-all philosophy. The big domain registrars and hosting companies would have you think that works for everyone, but it doesn't.

At 21st Century Web, You're not going to find multiple hosting plans that offer four different levels of shared hosting with a 1 or 2 dollar a month difference in price, or bulk domain pricing, or automatic software installs.

We do offer some basic packages to help companies and freelancers get off on the right foot, but many companies will see the benefits and results and want to look forward. We're there to help them move forward and take the next step.

When it's time to upgrade, you'll understand all the reasons why and what the costs are, and then it is still your decision. We don't try to upsell products or services that you don't need, and if you're better off doing something on your own, we'll tell you that too.

Who is standing on your doorstep? Open the door and let them in with a website from 21st Century Web.