Basic Website Hosting Package

Website Hosting:

   - Your website hosted on a fast server.

   - Server log monitoring.

   - Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Website Maintenance:

   - Automatic Software Updates.

   - Basic Page Changes

   - Regular Backups

Basic Site Management:

   - Timely changes

   - Server Monitoring

   - Fast Error Response

Your copy of a website on a CD ROM

Site Backups Stored Securely Offsite

Quarterly Reports on:

   - Visitors

   - Search Engine Visibility

   - Site Performance

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What is Hosting?

A website is a document with special instructions that allow a web server to interpret how it should be displayed.

The server transmits the document information to the client which is a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and also mobile device browsers such as smart phones and tablets.

The web server "hosts" a website. It is the computer where the document resides along with the instructions on how to "serve" it to the client.

There are different types of web servers. Some have thousands of websites, others only host a few, or even just one. It all depends on the needs of the website and the service purchased by the website owner.

Basic Website Hosting: $125.00 per Year.

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