Domain Management

Domain names are easily remembered replacements for a cryptic combination of numbers, words, and symbols. They direct internet users to websites and allow email to arrive at the right location.

Setting up domain records isn't that hard if you have the correct information and accurate instructions. It's a matter of typing carefully or handling some copy-paste operations.

Given the right instructions, it's a process that most people can manage.

If you don't have the time or don't want to learn, we can handle it for you. We charge a modest fee to act as your domain manager, and you can forget about the hassle of making changes to your domain records.

You won't have to learn about IP addresses, MX records, text records, or A records, or when to use the @ symbol. We take of all that for you and make sure visitors get to your site and email gets delivered to your accounts.

The only thing required on your part is to set us up as your domain manager. This may mean creating a manager account within your account, or if you prefer, we can access your account directly.

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What's in a Domain

A domain name usually consists of two or three parts. The Top Level Domain (TLD) and second and third level domains. In the domain, 'com' is the TLD and 'example' is the second level.

The domain name corresponds directly to a record in a Name Server, a special web server with a database of domain names. When a user requests a web page, the domain name is looked up in the name server which returns the IP address of the web server the domain name points at.

This allows the user to easily remember a name instead of an obscure string like

Commercial sites often use 'com' as the TLD, organizations use 'org', and networks 'net'. When you register a domain, you'll be required to specify the TLD the domain name is associated with, such as ''

Domain Management: $25.00 per request.

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