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You need a professional website, but don't want to deal with hosting, designing web pages, or spend a lot of money.

    Features you need include:
  • The website should look professional.
  • You should have your own domain name to show you mean business. Putting your business on a free website doesn't portray an image that says you're committed to your work.
  • Your eMail address should use your domain name, to further connect you with your business.
    These are important things that say:
  • I'm a professional.
  • I take my work seriously.
  • You can count on me.
  • I'll be here tomorrow.
    Just as importantly, they don't say:
  • I just started this in my kitchen.
  • I might be here tomorrow...well maybe not.

A professional website shows others that indeed, you are a professional. If you are serious about your work as a freelance professional, whether you are a writer, editor, photographer, artist, or any other creative professional, you need a website that says "I'm a professional."

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Professional Websites

Start up freelancers and business owners are often shy of the cost of a professional website, but the professionalism it portrays can pay real rewards in the long run, and you're not bound by the terms and agreements of a free website hosting company

We will set up your Wordpress website or blog on one of our servers. Once it's installed with a few basic pages, we keep the software updated. The user-friendly Wordpress interface makes adding content and maintaining your site a breeze.

At the same time, we setup your email accounts through our provider. You get a client-based email that is free of advertising and works on your desktop or laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We can also help you with Basic Site Maintenance and Domain Management.

Personal Website Setup: $75.00

Annual Cost: $35.00
(first year included in setup)

Are you ready to project a professional image to your prospective clients?